Affordable. Convenient. Zero-emissions.

RAEV is revolutionizing inner-city transportation.

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What is RAEV?

RAEV is the new transportation option for individuals traveling less than 5-miles through their city. RAEV is a fleet of shared, small, electric vehicles available for use on a pay-per-drive basis.

How it works

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Transportation is stressful for city residents since it is either inconvenient or expensive. Public transportation is time-consuming and inconvenient due to indirect routes and, ride sharing via Uber or Lyft has tripled in price in most cities.

RAEV is the transportation solution for individuals who want the convenience of door-to-door transportation without the cost. RAEV is economical because it eliminates the three most expensive aspects of the trip; driver labor, oversized vehicles, and gasoline. RAEV is also an emissions free transportation method that could reduce urban emissions by 85%.

people in a room with a man in a train
people in a room with a man in a train

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